Cheese making at Lye Cross Farm

With a commentary from our very own John Alvis (senior), we've two videos detailing the cheese making process here at Lye Cross Farm.

Starting with the milk we collect from our very own cows, in our very own fields, we take you through the process from milk delivery to the cheese maturing process. At Lye Cross Farm we produce Farmhouse Cheddar (amongst other varieties) which has a "Protected Designation of Origin" - this means our cheddar has to be made with milk from the local area, and use traditional methods such as hand turning the curds - this process aids the draining of the whey and helps develop texture. You'll see that this hands on approach is also a great deal of hard work!

Alongside the traditional we also implement the latest manufacturing techniques throughout the process - from the all important pasteurisation of the milk to the pressing towers which prepare the cheese for the many months it will have to be stored whilst it is gaining it's unique blend of textures and flavours.

Once we've graded the cheese we can cut, pack, grate or slice and have a final product ready for delivering to your local shop, supermarket, and around the globe.