"Passed down from generation to generation, the master cheesemaking process is forever progressing, from advances in technology to an ever more sophisticated consumer, the Cheese at Lye Cross Farm still holds true to the values of my Grandfather."

The Alvis Family

The third generation of Farmers and Cheesemakers in Cheddar Valley since 1952 but the family have farmed the land for the last 400 years.

Three generations of the Alvis family have been making the highest quality Cheddar cheese using traditional methods and skills such as the age-old ‘Cheddaring’. This process of turning and stacking the curd by hand is now used alongside new technology. The cheese is matured under carefully-controlled conditions for up to 18 months. When it is time to select the cheese, expert graders decide which cheese is best eaten young and which should be left to mature and develop its special features and flavours associated with West Country Farmhouse Cheese.